A new app for wine explorers.

Articles, lessons, and an interactive map with information, images, and wines from nearly 1,000 wine regions around the world. All in one place.

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Introducing Swirl

Drink the world.

Designed for discovery, the core of Swirl is an interactive map of the world's wine regions. Dive into the details of your favorites or search for something completely new.

Discover great producers.

Explore the stories of the producers that give regions their reputations. Browse galleries, shop their wines, and plan a visit.

Never leave the wine trail.

Your global wine region passport is right in your pocket. Explore nearby regions, wine shops, and wine bars, or RSVP to wine events in your area.

Go beyond tech sheets.

Dive into the data inside the bottle, and follow along with the production decisions that led to those numbers.

Stories from the wine world.

Stay current on the latest technological, cultural, and political movements in the world of wine through videos, articles, events, and more.

Drink this young.

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